Building Better Brainz provides support for your Fast ForWord subscription.

Our parents have access to an online resource center, with access to online forms and assessments, program manuals, score sheets, exercise descriptions, technical and program support documents.

An initial Fast ForWord program subscription is for a period of three months. Children may begin 24 hours after enrollment.

For the best outcome, children should complete the two Fast Forword programs, applicable to their age.

Most children complete two successive modules of the cognitive brain training programs in 3-5 months (depending on the length of the daily session, student motivation, and parent support).

Parents can choose to continue to the Build English Fast program to develop the English brain for reading and writing development.

Fast ForWord-Fast Track To Success

  • Fast ForWord initial parent training sessions (30 minutes).
  • Weekly phone consult (20 minutes) via phone or skype with Leeat.
  • Daily reports provided via email. Scores appear at the end of each session which allows you to track performance in each exercise and complete a daily score sheet for motivation purposes.
  • Results are monitored weekly via our sophisticated Progress Tracking System. This allows us to observe in detail, every child’s individual difficulty.
  • Direct email access to Leeat. Reply within 24-48 hours, excluding Saturdays.
  • Video conferencing if your child requires 1:1 troubleshooting.
  • 24/7 access to parent resource center (coming soon).

Coaching with Leeat

Guiding Development through an OT lens


Four, one-on-one phone consultations to maximize child success with Fast ForWord.

  • *Installment options- 3 monthly payments can be made

As a courtesy to my clients, I provide parents with extra material to guide development: sensory-motor activities, printable handouts, links to OT blogs, developmental scales, and checklist to follow your child’s development.


IMPORTANT note to parents!! The value of this program is that its scientific validity is based on consistent adherence to the recommended weekly participation. For best results, participants must follow the five days a week, 30 minutes a day protocol.


Without consistency, the brain cannot rewire and build the solid foundations it needs for learning.

Leeat provides Telehealth services throughout Israel and the U.S.

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