Fast ForWord Research

The award-winning Fast ForWord program is one of the most highly researched and proven learning programs in existence today.

The Fast ForWord research stretches over 30 years, with over 40,000 participants, 700 white papers, 100 scientific articles and reports, and 8 independent reviews.

As the pioneer of neuroscience-designed programs, the Fast ForWord program has been rigorously researched since its release in 1997. Few programs can claim this level of research.

The original research

Dr Norman Doidge’s best-selling book The Brain That Changes Itself examines the neuroscience revolution and how Fast ForWord was developed.

Independent reviews

Fast ForWord programs increased student reading achievement by an average of 22.2 percentage points, the largest average impact of all programs reviewed in the Report.

Neuroscience in the News

The world’s most detailed MRI scan of the brain’s internal fibers, reveals the fibers which carry all the brains thought processes.

Channel 7 Sunrise Interview

See Dr Martha Burns and Cameron, a Fast ForWord user, being interviewed on the Channel 7 Sunrise morning show.