Fast ForWord Brain Training 2 (Language to Reading)

Fast ForWord Language to Reading v2 has five exercises. It is a continuation of Fast ForWord Language v2  Cognitive exercises are intensifying and combined with more language skills. Skills improved: listening comprehension accuracy and reading efficiency.

After Fast ForWord Language to Reading v2 most student progress to a program in the Fast ForWord reading series, or the Build English Fast Program.

Description of Exercises

Jumper Gym

Like Sky Gym in Brain Training 1, Jumper gym adds more sounds to be remembered. This challenges sequencing and working memory skills and builds auditory processing.

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Polar Planet

Polar Planet builds on Moon Ranch in Brain Training 1. The goal is to identifying a pronounced target word when presented in a series of pronounced and written words. In addition to building left to right eye tracking skills (ocular motor skills), this program requires attention to avoid impulsively clicking before seeing a match, and it builds working memory skills.

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Tomb Trek

Tomb Trek is like Hoop Nut in Brain Training 1. The goal is to identifying a pronounced target word when presented in a sequence of two pronounced and written words. This game helps with word analysis, decoding, phonological awareness and working memory.

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Paint Match

The goal is to match all the words into pairs using the fewest clicks. This exercise builds on Whalien Match in Brain Training 1, using a mix of text and spoken words. It builds working memory, organization and focus skills.

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Cosmic Reader

Listen to a story and then answer questions and follow instructions. This exercise improves skills in listening comprehension. This builds on Space Commander and Robo-dog in Brain Training 1.


Early Following Directions:

Early Language Comprehension: