Fast ForWord Brain Training 2 (Language)

Fast ForWord Literacy is the second series of brain training exercises, following the Fast ForWord Literacy series. The program develops reading fluency and develops a cognitive and language foundation for reading comprehension. Cognitive exercises are intensified and combined with more language. Fast ForWord Literacy Advanced provides the critical link needed to improve overall literacy in high school students and adults who are struggling to read and learn.  It strengthens processing efficiency in order to establish a foundation for learning.

The exercises cover:

  • Phonemic awareness, decoding, and word recognition
  • Sequential and inferential comprehension questions
  • Advanced grammatical structures
  • Working memory and selective attention

**After Fast ForWord Literacy Advanced most students progress to the Build English Fast program which includes a combination of the Fast ForWord reading series and Reading Assistant technology.

Description of Exercises

Sky Rider

This exercise follows on from Space Racer in Fast ForWord Literacy, adding more sounds to the sequence. The goal is to identify, remember, and repeat the number and order of a series of modulated frequency sound sweeps. The frequencies have a direct connection to the frequencies of letter sounds and speech sounds.
This exercise works on auditory processing, attention and working memory.

Meteor Ball

The goal is to identify and discriminate a target word from a series of phonologically similar words. 

This exercise builds left to right eye tracking skills (ocular motor skills), focus — it helps avoid impulsivity — and it helps word recognition and working memory skills.

Lunar Leap

The goal is to use auditory and visual cues to match spoken words with written and spoken words, and discriminate between words that soun similar (phonologically similar). 

Exercises help to build decoding fluency, word recognition, and attention stamina.

Laser Match

Match all the words, pronounced and written, into pairs using the fewest clicks. This builds working memory, organization and focus skills.

Galaxy Theater

Listen to directions and manipulate items on the platform. difficult grammar and syntax exercises occur as students’ progress. The exercise builds comprehension and thinking skills.