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Leeat has been practicing pediatric occupational therapy since 2008.

Leeat has been conducting pediatric evaluations in the school and private sector in the greater New York area.  She is the founder of Medalion Occupational Therapy Consulting PLLC, a company providing consultations, evaluations and treatment services based on the current brain science research.

The practice of Occupational Therapy (OT) has grown significantly since it’s conception. As a dedicated practitioner, Leeat incorporates evidence-based techniques driven by the most current research in neuroscience to help her clients. What sets Leeat apart from other’s is her whole brain approach. This requires an understanding of how the brain works, gaining insight into her client’s specific symptoms, why they exist and how to remediate these difficulties. She tailors individualized programs for each client based on the specific factors contributing to child’s deficit. Leeat’s skills as an OT guide her coaching sessions.

Leeat has advanced training through the Carrick Institute of Functional Neurology. She has 125 class hours in Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Childhood, honing in on disorders such as ADHD/ADD, Dyslexia, Autism and overall learning disabilities. Leeat is trained to administer QEEGs (brain mapping) as well as provide Neurofeedback treatment. She is a certified Therapeutic Listening Practitioner (TLP), and has extensive training in Handwriting Without Tears, Reflex Integration (Masgutaova Sensorimotor Reflex Integration Method MNRI®), Puzzle Art Therapy and Interactive Metronome.

Leeat is committed to helping individuals improve their function and wellbeing using non-invasive therapeutic techniques proven through science. Leeat will accompany you and your child’s development as needed.

She prides herself on her involvement across all disciplines, to gain a full picture and perspective of a child’s family and school environment. Leeat is committed to helping individuals achieve an optimal level of function, and remediate learning difficulties for children, with symptoms of Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, and Learning Disorders. My mission is to encourage, empower and guide the development of each child to Build Better Brainz…one neuron at a time!!!

Leeat loves all her clients, however, does not wish to see them in her clinic for the rest of their developmental years. Her hopes are for them to retain the foundation necessary to build the skills they need to be functional human beings with an inner confidence and knowledge that they are capable of all that they imagine.

There are myriad of alternative methods and modalities to treat symptoms of learning disabilities, without medication. It is her job to help families find the right solution to change a child’s life. Together Leeat will help your child move to grow…one neuron at a time.

Leeat Medalion
MS. OTR/L Occupational Therapist

Leeat provides Telehealth services throughout Israel and the U.S.

All inquiries are confidential. Leeat can be reached
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