We help children build better brains one neuron at a time.

Targeting the root cause of learning difficulties.

Our goal is to help children, students and adults function like their peers and live life to its fullest!

Building Better Brains was founded by Leeat Medalion MS. OTR/L of Medalion Occupational Therapy Consulting, to provide evidence based solutions, that build better, quicker and more efficient brains, that improve cognitive skills in struggling learners.

Building Better Brains combines the power of home based, intense neurocognitive brain training programs, with weekly coaching sessions supported by an occupational therapist, to improve in memory, attention, processing and cognitive skills in struggling learners.

Parents tell me that their child is extremely bright, but something seems to be holding them back.

Most parents tell me that they have tried a bunch of different interventions without seeing much progress. Does this sound like you?
That is because most learning programs, including tutoring, work AROUND the underlying delays that cause learning difficulties.

They are coping tools, meant to compensate for weakness, like putting a band aid on the problem.

Building Better Brainz combines different methodologies to form new neural connection as well as to strengthen weak ones, to enhance academic function and live life to it’s fullest. Our programs train the brains systems to target the root cause of difficulties. 

How would you feel if your child could?